Monday, September 15, 2008

1 cup of flour

Welcome to the first posting!! I have never blogged before, but i figure on my days off  i could script my life for those interested. At times my thoughts may travel in tangents in which one may be required to wear safety protection,  you never know the turn i may take. So, warning, be prepared. 

I have titled this posting as "1 cup of flour", because it is the first and most important ingredient in Crepes, or " really thin pancakes". 

Francois and I have recently made our way to Charleston, SC from Greenville, SC.  

We left a lot of memories there and plan to visit as much as possible to see old friends and visit favorite places. Since we have moved here, Francois has been working for Blackbaud where he works on national accounts in sales with software and services to nonprofit companies. 

I am far from the business world, I have currently achieved a second degree in nursing from University of South Carolina( the first being exercise science, cardiac rehab, from Appalachian State University) .

 I am now working at Roper Hospital in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, located on the 5th floor overlooking the Charleston Harbor. Everyone  I work with is very nice and i feel at home already!! 

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