Monday, September 15, 2008

1/2 Cup of Milk

I will continue with the ingredients of Crepes, thus justifying my blogged website name " really thin pancakes". 

As you may know, Francois and I LOVE to cook!! so the title of our blog suites us even more. We try all kinds of Crepes, salty, sweet, and savory. Francois likes to say that the #1 ingredient is LOVE, sometimes i like to add a little beer to mine  .... mmmmmm... makes them fluffy and golden.

Nonetheless, i digress. So, Summer of 08'.  Francois and I have had a fast summer. I graduated, we went to France, I moved to Charleston with Francois, visited my family for the 4th of July, started my new job, visited with my brother and Lori on a recent trip to NC, made a trip to New York for the US Open, and we are now hosting Francois' parents here in Charleston. WHEWW... 

We have  had a blast  doing it all.  I will elaborate on each moment with future post... so don't feel cheated with the surface list of our summer... i know you are on the edge of your seat, mouth slightly held open, wanting for more.... I feel it..