Monday, September 15, 2008

1/2 cup of water

Crepes are appropriate for any time of day and any level of sophistication, from a casual lunch to a gourmet dessert, crepes are a delicious and practical dish to add to any culinary repertoire. 

The thicker pancake maker, a.k.a .... Dad

After Francois and I moved into our Charleston home together, we traveled up the coast to visit with my parents for the annual 4th of July festival ... donning the infamous " Goode Dog" wagon. 

We always enjoy the 4th of July at the beach house. This is when Dad wakes up early to serve his pancakes ( Crepe's cousin), and for lunch,  it's a " Goode Dog".  Francois had 5, which topped anyone else... sure the glory feels amazing then, but i give it a couple of hours and you will be feeling the triumph on the other end. 

We were lucky to have a couple of friends along with us, Kevin and Christina Balach. These are a couple of our friends from Greenville, SC. We had a blast making sandcastles ... Kevin has rules for digging on the beach 1. no shovels allowed, unless it is for sandcastles 2. you cannot have help  3. you have to have fun destroying it when you are done
In this case Christina and i took part in the having fun while
 destroying phase.. we made ourselves midgets, mermaids, and ourselves driving a cool car.  After this... we made Kevin a fat beach mama!!


On the Fourth, Francois was also able to experience his first sparkler... he led such a sheltered childhood... 

oh yeah.... and Worm got wasted.. she is so out of control..

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lgoode said...

Worm--a whistler AND she's wasted? Also...I like the enjoyment of 5 dogs from end-to-end. Nice touch, sista.