Monday, September 15, 2008

3 eggs

The Origin of Crepes
Crepes originated in the west of France, in a region called, Brittany. They have since become quite popular throughout France and the rest of Europe. In areas where crepes are popular, they serve as street and carnival fare as well as portions of restaurant menus. Just as many North American Cities are home to hot dog and pretzel stands, many European cities are home to crepe carts where pedestrians can order their favorite crepe to eat from a paper plate as they take a stroll..... mmmmm 

After I graduated, Francois and i took a little journey to France ourself. We were to attend the baptism of my Godson  Gonzague Hubert Luc Mazal. 

While we were there we went on many runs across the country side where the fields were golden yellow and the wheat was emerald green. The colors and the smells were magic
.. I almost wanted to break out into song and dance, but composed myself. 

Francois sister's house is located next to a church and every 15 minutes we were reminded of this very fact. It was not until the third day that we realized the true function of a shutter and a closed window. 

Nonetheless we had a fabulous time, and we were even lucky enough to take a journey into the Vosges Mountains which is located in the Vosge Region on the eastern part of France. The area resembles the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC. 

I love to think that in just 1 year I can be a citizen of this lovely country !!!