Tuesday, September 16, 2008

31 years of Bliss

I wanted to put a quick picture in this blog... this is the most recent family picture of  " The Goode Family" ... This is the most recent and the only picture i have... which i stole from my father's blog. 

Just a quick note, my parents will be celebrating their 31 years of being married tomorrow!!! 
Congrats Mom and Dad!!! We love you !! 

Lets take a look back 31 years ago... 

I'm not sure that 5 hours away from my parents is far enough away to post these pictures... take a look while you can.. 

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Bill Goode said...

Seems like only yesterday...Since I am writing I do have to watch what I say. We had what is called in the business as a punch & peanuts wedding.It was North meets South.