Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't forget the Love

Remember Francois says that Love makes the crepe!! 

After the 4th of July, I settled into work for a couple of weeks. It was very difficult to handle such an acuity of patient. The patients i take care of come directly from the operating room where they have their chest opened, re-routed, fixed or replaced... and then their chest closed back up and shipped out to me. YIKES...   

On a lighter note, i was able to take sometime away and see my cousin Jaime Goode. We were able to meet in the Linville Gorge area at my friend Ehrin Irvin's cabin. We hiked through some kettles and soaked up the comfort of the warm sun and watched as out pups jumped from kettle to kettle. 

note: Kettles are giant cauldrons or potholes which have been carved out buy eddying currents or water bearing stones and other matter. It s actually what Jaime is basing her PhD studies on in Colorado.. She has been doing her research in Tenn. Mostly. 

after seeing Jaime, Francois and I took off to New York to Aunt MeMe's house. We were set for the US Open, but first we had some fun times in the city with Jon and Stassa, the two best vets in the WORLD!! 

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