Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Goode Family Visits the LOW country ( Charleston, SC)

Francois and I enjoyed a tennis lesson at our ( maybe our) new country club I'On Club. The facility is SUPER nice and the tennis is great. My parents are in town this weekend and my Dad was able to take some great shots of us playing. Take a look.

 My Dad was able to get in on the action too!!!

My Mom played the role of spectator!! 

This might be the last time my Dad goes outside of the house, because before our tennis match, my Dad purchased an iPhone!! 

I was so excited to be the one to teach him how to use it!!  Big brother Ian is going to be put out of business of being the family tech genius! WATCH OUT! 

In all, it was a GOODE Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow, we are off to do Brunch at the Post House, take in a Charleston Carriage ride, and then empty a storage unit!!

Maybe Francois will be up to it.... hmmmmm? 

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