Monday, September 15, 2008

Now, Let's make a Crepe

Now, you want to put the flour in a bowl, make a hole in the middle, here you will put the eggs, salt, water, and add a pinch of sugar.

1. start to make small circles with your wisp, and Francois likes for me to slowly pour in the milk as he turns the flour off the sides slowly

2. when all the mixture is combined, cover the batter with a towel and let it sit for maybe an hour, if you are desperate you can make them right away

3. heat an 8- inch nonstick pan on medium heat

4. Pour a scant 1/4 cup of batter into the pan, quickly tilting it to have the batter cover the entire bottom of the pan

5. Cook for about 1 minute carefully lifting
 the edge of the crepe with a spatula, checking for doneness

6. The crepe is then ready to turn... i suggest easy turn at first and then when you have a couple under your belt, and the dog is near .... go for the full French Flip and Catch

7. let this side cook for 30 seconds, and then place on a towel to cool  or add your favorite sweets .... we like Nutella...mmmmm..    /  folding the crepe is a personal preference. 

8. Then .... serve it to someone you love.... 

9. Note: the first crepe is always a waste.

10. Always ways eat the wide end
 of the crepe first and work you way down to the point

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Anonymous said...

I am bookmarking this. There's a KILLER crepe place in San Francisco, just a block away from Castro street. Authentic crepes de Bretagne - complete with a prety sweet list of imported ciders.

This will take care of my crepe needs until my next trip West. Merci!