Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cooper's Big Day

Today was great. We started our day at I'On Tennis club hoping the weather would hold up for Francois' first tennis tournament in two years.  Francois was only able to get one set in, which he won 6-0, but then the rain came.... 

After we grabbed some goodies for lunch at I'On, we headed back home to regroup and decide what to do for the rest of the day. I have been frequenting the GGRLC (Grateful Goldens Rescue of the Low Country) and had seen an activity called the Daniel Island Park Day, and the GGRLC was going to bring some of their puppies, so .... nonetheless... we packed up and headed over to Park Day, and Cooper joined us. ( just a side note, if you visit the website, it has a story of 30 puppies that they have been saved from a puppy mill; the GGRLC have rescued them, are in good care and are looking for homes. I had the joy of seeing the fantastic pups, and I'm considering ?? ( I know my mom  is shaking her head at this moment to that thought... DEBBIE...) 

When we arrived,  we visited the live petting zoo area, where we fed a turtle, and Cooper wanted to feed on the turtle... I never knew Cooper liked turtles so much. I must have turned him on to them when I buried him in the sand and sculpted him into a turtle... see the resemblance ??

Cooper had the best time sloshing in the mud and taking in all the sights. I had to restrain him around the pony ride, I am pretty sure he wanted to play. 

We had a chance to stop by the basset hound rescue tent as well, I was looking for Wormy's family... no baby Worms. If you don't know my parents had a miniature basset hound that we call worm.. I bet that is a relief, right?. 

After we visited all the tents, we started to walk back to the car, and then it happened. Cooper was offered his first ride in a golf cart.. it was glorious. I tried to capture the moment on my iPhone. 


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