Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ian, Halloween tribute

In Honor of my brother's birthday which is October 26th and Halloween... I would like to relive some of my brother's halloween ensembles ... let's take a look ( sorry Ian) 

Ian and Lori were Dolly Parton and Kenny Loggins, that is actually Ian's beard sprayed white!! He goes to the extreme!! 

Here we have Oscar the Grouch, or it could possibly be a little boy in a trash can, imagination is key here!! 

 This year he actually made the Mac the Night Moon head. I believe this was MY favorite costumes that he wore. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER BABY ( I expect Lori to read this and tell Ian, and he probably won't read this in November sometime... so if that is the case, Happy Belated Birthday!) 

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