Friday, October 24, 2008

A little Extra

So the last couple of posts took me forever because I had to learn how to use Photoshop ( you think with a family like mine, I should have been born knowing that). Well, anyway... I left out a couple of things and I wanted to share some pictures. 

So while in Greenville, Francois and I were able to eat at a local French cafe ( if you look at the logo, it is the Eiffel Tower with the Greenville bridge in the background, genius) ... we ordered chocolat chaud ( which is the French word for hot chocolate... phonetically it sounds like show ca la show) and a croissant. Tasty, especially since the weather decided to be 50 degrees. 

Also, Francois was able to catch up with his friend John Sterling, they were able to play some tennis at the Greenville Country Club, and I believe the score is undisclosed .... boys will be boys 

Let's see, other than that, we are just looking forward to the weeks ahead. I will finally be off orientation at the hospital and i will no longer be able to call myself a baby nurse. ( YIKES).. 


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