Thursday, October 9, 2008

Missing France

I was looking through some pictures and saw a ton of photos from my various trips to France to visit Francois' folks. I thought I would share some fun times with you all and take you through my "time machine" ... changing it up a little.. 

This video was taken during one of Gonzague's cute moments at the dinner table. I thought this was classic France. You have the kids playing music with bread baguette on a large jar of Nutella, while passing crepes, hilarious.  One of my favorite places in France, is the dinner table. I learn most of my French here.  Another favorite activity at the dinner table is the following picture:

CHEESE!!  ( enough said!!)

Another great moment was when I was joking with Gregoire, I was doing a second story puppet show for him... I'm pretty sure he was not convinced that there were really horses in his bedroom. iIm not that good.