Friday, October 24, 2008

Reading for your Pleasure

Oh yeah, Francois went to San Francisco last week and had a chance to dine with Ian and Lori.. They went to a great little French restaurant called La Provence. 

Other funny news... Cooper will think there is a squirrel in any tree if you start pointing and say "look babbers there is a squirrel up there.."  and his next move... he climbs the tree, finds no squirrel... and desperately grabs a stick or something to pick up... as a trophy to offer to the squirrel Gods... in hopes that they will send the squirrels down. .... it didn't work. 

Now that I am working nights... I get to see the sunset on the way to work and the sunrise on the way home. Here is a glimpse of the view on the way home... Amazing. Makes the night shift all worth it.