Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Happy Cow Weekend

This past weekend, I was able to travel to Greenville and see my friends that I spent four years of my life with. Friday night I arrived in Greenville at Kendra's house where I was able to catch up on recent news, current training programs, and just life in general. We went to bed early because Kendra was going for a 20 mile run the next day and I was going to "try" to hang on to a 60 mile bike ride to the Happy Cow Creamery. 
The next morning Beth and I met at Whole Foods to meet about 30 other cyclists to make this journey to the what I will refer to as the Happy Cow.  We all started off on the bike ride, we dropped the slower cyclists and slimmed our group down to a fantastic group of 10. We pushed, pulled, sprinted, and somehow made it to the Happy Cow.
I was able to take in some yummy chocolate milk, FRESH! At the end of the ride , I was exhausted!! It was the hardest bike ride I have done so far. Being that I live in Charleston, I am like a fat kid picked last in gym when it comes to hills, because Charleston is FLAT.  In all it was an amazing ride, so beautiful!!

Later that day, Kendra , Beth and I met up to have some lunch...mmmmm starving! We grabbed a bite to eat and back home for some rest. I had to rest for my big night with Michael Buble!!
The concert begins!! Stacey Krall and I are dressed to impress . The open act was by Naturally7
If the link doesn't work you should look them up. They are a 7 partner group and they are an a cappella group that is AMAZING!

Then.... Michael came out. So classy and so charming. He gave an incredible performance, and next year I will be in the front row ( not the second!! the First) I recommend his show to anyone, even if you do not like his music... it's so entertaining. 
Needless to say, the weekend was fabulous and it made me miss Greenville and all the activities it has to offer. 

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