Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Goode Family Visits the LOW country ( Charleston, SC)

Francois and I enjoyed a tennis lesson at our ( maybe our) new country club I'On Club. The facility is SUPER nice and the tennis is great. My parents are in town this weekend and my Dad was able to take some great shots of us playing. Take a look.

 My Dad was able to get in on the action too!!!

My Mom played the role of spectator!! 

This might be the last time my Dad goes outside of the house, because before our tennis match, my Dad purchased an iPhone!! 

I was so excited to be the one to teach him how to use it!!  Big brother Ian is going to be put out of business of being the family tech genius! WATCH OUT! 

In all, it was a GOODE Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow, we are off to do Brunch at the Post House, take in a Charleston Carriage ride, and then empty a storage unit!!

Maybe Francois will be up to it.... hmmmmm? 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

31 years of Bliss

I wanted to put a quick picture in this blog... this is the most recent family picture of  " The Goode Family" ... This is the most recent and the only picture i have... which i stole from my father's blog. 

Just a quick note, my parents will be celebrating their 31 years of being married tomorrow!!! 
Congrats Mom and Dad!!! We love you !! 

Lets take a look back 31 years ago... 

I'm not sure that 5 hours away from my parents is far enough away to post these pictures... take a look while you can.. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Now, Let's make a Crepe

Now, you want to put the flour in a bowl, make a hole in the middle, here you will put the eggs, salt, water, and add a pinch of sugar.

1. start to make small circles with your wisp, and Francois likes for me to slowly pour in the milk as he turns the flour off the sides slowly

2. when all the mixture is combined, cover the batter with a towel and let it sit for maybe an hour, if you are desperate you can make them right away

3. heat an 8- inch nonstick pan on medium heat

4. Pour a scant 1/4 cup of batter into the pan, quickly tilting it to have the batter cover the entire bottom of the pan

5. Cook for about 1 minute carefully lifting
 the edge of the crepe with a spatula, checking for doneness

6. The crepe is then ready to turn... i suggest easy turn at first and then when you have a couple under your belt, and the dog is near .... go for the full French Flip and Catch

7. let this side cook for 30 seconds, and then place on a towel to cool  or add your favorite sweets .... we like Nutella...mmmmm..    /  folding the crepe is a personal preference. 

8. Then .... serve it to someone you love.... 

9. Note: the first crepe is always a waste.

10. Always ways eat the wide end
 of the crepe first and work you way down to the point

Don't forget the Love

Remember Francois says that Love makes the crepe!! 

After the 4th of July, I settled into work for a couple of weeks. It was very difficult to handle such an acuity of patient. The patients i take care of come directly from the operating room where they have their chest opened, re-routed, fixed or replaced... and then their chest closed back up and shipped out to me. YIKES...   

On a lighter note, i was able to take sometime away and see my cousin Jaime Goode. We were able to meet in the Linville Gorge area at my friend Ehrin Irvin's cabin. We hiked through some kettles and soaked up the comfort of the warm sun and watched as out pups jumped from kettle to kettle. 

note: Kettles are giant cauldrons or potholes which have been carved out buy eddying currents or water bearing stones and other matter. It s actually what Jaime is basing her PhD studies on in Colorado.. She has been doing her research in Tenn. Mostly. 

after seeing Jaime, Francois and I took off to New York to Aunt MeMe's house. We were set for the US Open, but first we had some fun times in the city with Jon and Stassa, the two best vets in the WORLD!! 

Pinch of Salt

A little Crepe fact: in France, crepes were traditionally served on Candlemas , February 2. This day was originally Virgin Mary's Blessing Day but became known as avec Crepe Day, referring to the tradition of offering avec crepes. It is believed that if you could catch the crepe with a frying pan, after tossing it in the air with  your left hand and holding a piece of gold on your right, you would become rich that year...

This summer we did have the honor to be apart of a few of our friend's
 weddings.   My friend from  nursing school was married, Megan Causey and Francois was in his best friend's wedding Will and Lauren Dieter. Both beautiful weddings .... we had a blast!! Oh, and Francois had his very first pixi stick at Megan's wedding!! .. again, does France not have any fun??? no sparklers... no pixi sticks... 

Somewhere this summer I had a birthday, which i spent in Greenville with my closest friends!! 

1/2 cup of water

Crepes are appropriate for any time of day and any level of sophistication, from a casual lunch to a gourmet dessert, crepes are a delicious and practical dish to add to any culinary repertoire. 

The thicker pancake maker, a.k.a .... Dad

After Francois and I moved into our Charleston home together, we traveled up the coast to visit with my parents for the annual 4th of July festival ... donning the infamous " Goode Dog" wagon. 

We always enjoy the 4th of July at the beach house. This is when Dad wakes up early to serve his pancakes ( Crepe's cousin), and for lunch,  it's a " Goode Dog".  Francois had 5, which topped anyone else... sure the glory feels amazing then, but i give it a couple of hours and you will be feeling the triumph on the other end. 

We were lucky to have a couple of friends along with us, Kevin and Christina Balach. These are a couple of our friends from Greenville, SC. We had a blast making sandcastles ... Kevin has rules for digging on the beach 1. no shovels allowed, unless it is for sandcastles 2. you cannot have help  3. you have to have fun destroying it when you are done
In this case Christina and i took part in the having fun while
 destroying phase.. we made ourselves midgets, mermaids, and ourselves driving a cool car.  After this... we made Kevin a fat beach mama!!


On the Fourth, Francois was also able to experience his first sparkler... he led such a sheltered childhood... 

oh yeah.... and Worm got wasted.. she is so out of control..

3 eggs

The Origin of Crepes
Crepes originated in the west of France, in a region called, Brittany. They have since become quite popular throughout France and the rest of Europe. In areas where crepes are popular, they serve as street and carnival fare as well as portions of restaurant menus. Just as many North American Cities are home to hot dog and pretzel stands, many European cities are home to crepe carts where pedestrians can order their favorite crepe to eat from a paper plate as they take a stroll..... mmmmm 

After I graduated, Francois and i took a little journey to France ourself. We were to attend the baptism of my Godson  Gonzague Hubert Luc Mazal. 

While we were there we went on many runs across the country side where the fields were golden yellow and the wheat was emerald green. The colors and the smells were magic
.. I almost wanted to break out into song and dance, but composed myself. 

Francois sister's house is located next to a church and every 15 minutes we were reminded of this very fact. It was not until the third day that we realized the true function of a shutter and a closed window. 

Nonetheless we had a fabulous time, and we were even lucky enough to take a journey into the Vosges Mountains which is located in the Vosge Region on the eastern part of France. The area resembles the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC. 

I love to think that in just 1 year I can be a citizen of this lovely country !!! 

1/2 Cup of Milk

I will continue with the ingredients of Crepes, thus justifying my blogged website name " really thin pancakes". 

As you may know, Francois and I LOVE to cook!! so the title of our blog suites us even more. We try all kinds of Crepes, salty, sweet, and savory. Francois likes to say that the #1 ingredient is LOVE, sometimes i like to add a little beer to mine  .... mmmmmm... makes them fluffy and golden.

Nonetheless, i digress. So, Summer of 08'.  Francois and I have had a fast summer. I graduated, we went to France, I moved to Charleston with Francois, visited my family for the 4th of July, started my new job, visited with my brother and Lori on a recent trip to NC, made a trip to New York for the US Open, and we are now hosting Francois' parents here in Charleston. WHEWW... 

We have  had a blast  doing it all.  I will elaborate on each moment with future post... so don't feel cheated with the surface list of our summer... i know you are on the edge of your seat, mouth slightly held open, wanting for more.... I feel it.. 

1 cup of flour

Welcome to the first posting!! I have never blogged before, but i figure on my days off  i could script my life for those interested. At times my thoughts may travel in tangents in which one may be required to wear safety protection,  you never know the turn i may take. So, warning, be prepared. 

I have titled this posting as "1 cup of flour", because it is the first and most important ingredient in Crepes, or " really thin pancakes". 

Francois and I have recently made our way to Charleston, SC from Greenville, SC.  

We left a lot of memories there and plan to visit as much as possible to see old friends and visit favorite places. Since we have moved here, Francois has been working for Blackbaud where he works on national accounts in sales with software and services to nonprofit companies. 

I am far from the business world, I have currently achieved a second degree in nursing from University of South Carolina( the first being exercise science, cardiac rehab, from Appalachian State University) .

 I am now working at Roper Hospital in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, located on the 5th floor overlooking the Charleston Harbor. Everyone  I work with is very nice and i feel at home already!!