Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ian, Halloween tribute

In Honor of my brother's birthday which is October 26th and Halloween... I would like to relive some of my brother's halloween ensembles ... let's take a look ( sorry Ian) 

Ian and Lori were Dolly Parton and Kenny Loggins, that is actually Ian's beard sprayed white!! He goes to the extreme!! 

Here we have Oscar the Grouch, or it could possibly be a little boy in a trash can, imagination is key here!! 

 This year he actually made the Mac the Night Moon head. I believe this was MY favorite costumes that he wore. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER BABY ( I expect Lori to read this and tell Ian, and he probably won't read this in November sometime... so if that is the case, Happy Belated Birthday!) 

A little Extra

So the last couple of posts took me forever because I had to learn how to use Photoshop ( you think with a family like mine, I should have been born knowing that). Well, anyway... I left out a couple of things and I wanted to share some pictures. 

So while in Greenville, Francois and I were able to eat at a local French cafe ( if you look at the logo, it is the Eiffel Tower with the Greenville bridge in the background, genius) ... we ordered chocolat chaud ( which is the French word for hot chocolate... phonetically it sounds like show ca la show) and a croissant. Tasty, especially since the weather decided to be 50 degrees. 

Also, Francois was able to catch up with his friend John Sterling, they were able to play some tennis at the Greenville Country Club, and I believe the score is undisclosed .... boys will be boys 

Let's see, other than that, we are just looking forward to the weeks ahead. I will finally be off orientation at the hospital and i will no longer be able to call myself a baby nurse. ( YIKES).. 

Reading for your Pleasure

Oh yeah, Francois went to San Francisco last week and had a chance to dine with Ian and Lori.. They went to a great little French restaurant called La Provence. 

Other funny news... Cooper will think there is a squirrel in any tree if you start pointing and say "look babbers there is a squirrel up there.."  and his next move... he climbs the tree, finds no squirrel... and desperately grabs a stick or something to pick up... as a trophy to offer to the squirrel Gods... in hopes that they will send the squirrels down. .... it didn't work. 

Now that I am working nights... I get to see the sunset on the way to work and the sunrise on the way home. Here is a glimpse of the view on the way home... Amazing. Makes the night shift all worth it. 

Greenville Fun

This past weekend Francois and I went to Greenville, SC to go to a surprise charity event for BrYan Bock, Francois' friend from The Citadel that was in an unfortunate car accident 2 years ago on Father's day.  After driving in ridiculous traffic to Greenville, we arrived around 8 pm. There was an amazing band playing rock cover songs, and then they busted out into  " Apple Bottom Jeans" by T- Pain. Not sure if everyone is aware of how funny of a change that is... If anyone has seen the new movie Tropic Thunder ( comedy with Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr)  with Tom cruise dressed as a fat, disgusting, music producing mogul ... my favorite part is when he dances to Apple Bottom Jeans in his office... CLASSIC. 

Anyway, so... Bryan was completely surprised at everyone that showed up, and we raised $3,500 for The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis Foundation. Kelly, BrYan's girlfriend, and friend Jennifer Wright were very instrumental in putting this entire event on. The night was amazing and ended with too many drinks and Kendra, Kelly and me becoming groupies of the band. 

The Cliff's notes version: Francois and I were able to catch up with some friends that we haven't seen in a long time. 

Here are some scenes from the night: 


There was a raffle: Francois won $25 Gift certificate to GoFish, Kendra won $250 worth of golf at Cherokee Valley, Moe won $50 gift certificate to Sharky's pub, I won nothing. I have the worst luck, so I handed 3 of my 4 tickets away so someone else could add their luck to them... 3 of the 4 tickets won ( not mine) told ya. 

On Saturday, Francois and I went for a run and then off to the Furman vs. Citadel game. Lauren and I chatted while the boys watched football. I was doing some heavy people watching, looking for the most disgruntled fan. It is amazing that the fans actually think they are individually coaching each player.  So we lasted about 2 quarters and then left to grab some lunch, and then not even 2 hours later, we were at Dan and Allison's house (John's brother and sister-in-law) watching LSU play USC... I have never been around so much football in my life!!  I met my quota for the year... next 2 years. 

( If you made it this far in the blog... congratulations...) 

On Sunday, I made it to Beth's departure on her bike ride to Texas. Beth raised over $5,000 for the Livestrong Cancer foundation. So Beth and about 20 other cyclist are riding none stop, in shifts to bike to Texas. Navigating their way across the states, for a 7 day bike ride. 

We have some friends that are doing some pretty amazing things for other people. Makes you feel good to give back  

Catch up

Hello all!! sorry that it has taken me so long to fill you in on our life for the past 2 weeks. I have just recently started working the night shift at the hospital. For those that are unaware of the time frame, that would be 7:00 pm to 7:00 am.  So the idea is that the night before you work, you try to stay up as long as you can so you can sleep most of the day the following day, because at 7:00 pm the shift starts. Well, for those that know me, I don't sleep late, I don't sleep during the day..( maybe a nap at 3:00 pm... that's when I feel sleepy) , and I am not a night person... when I get sleepy, it's all over. 

So, I digress,  The past two weeks have been busy and fun.. so let me update "ya". 

Alors.... (  This is how every French person starts a means so...  the word sounds like " A lu" phonetically )

So, alors.... Two weeks ago Francois and I had a pretty quiet weekend,  Francois was  to play in a tennis tournament at I'On ( our new tennis club we joined, yeah!!)  and I was working 11am to 11pm shift to slowly progress into night shift. On Friday,  Francois was supposed to have a match, but the rain delayed the match until Saturday. I was happy because I was stuck at the hospital until 2 am preparing my patient for a trip back to the operating room.  

Sometimes patients returning from open heart surgery have the possibility of " blowing a graft", and the nurse can usually tell this happens when the patient starts bleeding more than usual. This was the case for this patient.. But all is well, she made it back, got fixed, and is all better .. 

Saturday was a better day, Francois was able to start one of his matches, however he only made it through one set, --- the rain came.  We made it a lazy day  and met our friends out for dinner that night.  Francois' Citadel friend Will Dieter, his wife Lauren and Will's brother Tuck Dieter met us for Dinner at an Oyster Bar in downtown Charleston. I had my first oyster shooter...mmm