Monday, December 8, 2008

Where is Waldo

I have just finished reading my brother and Lori's Blog, and just about died!! I loved Ian's piece on Apples.... I actually did. Hilarious... So it inspired me to write a little childhood memory ( ok, so it has nothing to do with fruit, but reminded me of how crazy my brother Ian can be sometimes... so therefore... a childhood story came to mind) 

Well, Ian and I were pretty close growing up, I always wanted to be my big brother and I followed him everywhere. We had lots of fun times together... However, one particular time was not sooo much fun. I was sitting in my bed reading, really getting into to this perplexing book, mind "bottling " boggling ... if you will. I' m not sure if you remember the Where's Waldo books... but they were Freakin HARD. ( I think I was about 7) Anyway, I was  7 and the book was about 3 ft tall,  needless to say an elephant could have walked by and I would not have seen behind the cover of this gi-normous book.

Well, as I was saying... I was reading my book ( really I was ticked that I  found Waldo's hat, sister, cousin, and some of his friends, but Waldo himself... remained undetected.. )... so I am searching for Waldo like it is my JOB... and out from behind the book jumps my brother.. 

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH", he screams. 

I have never been so afraid in my life. I immediately skipped the scream and went straight to uncontrollable tears..... I have to say, still..... the best scare I have had... and want. 

I guess I bring this story up, because Ian and I use to stay up and read Where's Waldo books on Christmas Eve, until we fell asleep slant-ways in the bed... then I would wake up at 1:00am... look at our loot ... and then go back to sleep.. wake up at 5:00 am and then pull my brother out of bed.... and wake my parents up. 

I always loved Christmas, the smells, the feeling, the warmth and coziness of the holiday spirit. 

Give the Waldo search a try... be careful not to mistake Waldo's cousin for Waldo...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A VERY long Run!!

Hello all!! Just wanted to update you on our life the past couple of weeks.  After Cooper's Birthday, my parents came into town for Thanksgiving because I had work the day before, the day of, and the day after Thanksgiving... But everyone was great about letting me sleep during the day and I think my Mom might have put in a little extra shopping time.   ( sorry Dad )

( Note: I am originally a Goode,  and I have an appreciation for grammar and spelling, however, in this blog... grammar and spelling are optional.... hehehe) 

Back to the story: The week after they left was a little lonely, however we had work to keep us company. Also, as some of you may know, i am training for an ultra-marathon in February. I am running a 37 mile race in Virginia called Holiday Lake. I have run the other ultra-marathons in this Lynchburg Series except this one... Why am I telling you this? ... Well training is consuming a portion of my life right now and with that said... I move to the meat of this story.. 

Today:  Dec 6th, Francois and I went on an 18 mile adventure. We started at Patriot's Point before the Cooper River Bridge. We then went over the bridge, down East Bay towards the Battery. After the Battery we ran Down Calhoun Street up towards the Citadel where Francois went to school, and then a loop around Hampton Park.  After this, we traveled back to Calhoun, up Meeting Street and Back to East Bay ... up and OVER the Bridge, WHHHEWWW... Long story Short... it was a LONG run. But we made it fun... ( I went through the route for those that are familiar to Charleston and for the running enthusiast to drool over.. haaa HAA)

So here I am at the start, running over the bridge. Holy Cow it was windy and cold!  My toes were going numb! 
Francois spent a good portion of his day following me on his bike for the 18 miles around downtown Charleston...taking pictures and keeping me company--- the perfect husband and coach!!!
The battery was nice, there were many people enjoying the day. Most were probably headed downtown to grab a good seat for the parade. We, on the other hand, were on a mission to cover some ground and make it back in time to eat some amazing brunch at Tristan 

We headed down Calhoun Street, Francois was able to snap a shot in front of my hospital, I work on the 5th floor, the windows right below the ledge ( I guess that is what you call it... I am sure there is a French word for the architectural structure..... those French people invented everything ......annnnyway, I digress) ... So this is my hospital!! 
We then made it to the Citadel where I was able to take a break to pet this dog on the back of his head... The Citadel mascot is in fact a Bull Dog, but this pup got a behind- the- ear rubbing from ME... 
After our run, we changed clothes in the car ( Yep, no shower... GROSS) and went straight to Tristan for brunch. I was a little skeptical that we were not going to make the 2:30 pm restaurant cut off, because the Charleston Parade was going to start at 2:00 pm and we were driving to Tristan around 2:10 pm. BUT, we made it, found a parking spot and had some TERRIFIC food. 

And Finally, we had some REALLY REALLY THIN PANCAKES!! WOOO HOO,  These delicious crepes were  Tahitian vanilla crepes with mascarpone cheese topped with warm apple chutney and local honey.. Holy Cow they were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G... and on that note... 18 days until Christmas, there will be more delicious food gracing my belly during this feasting, festive season... that is why I  LOOOVE the holidays, and thank goodness I am training for something... it means I get to eat twice as much!! 
(and Yes the picture is sideways, it might only bother my brother. Ian,  look I had to put these pictures in Photoshop, change the size and save as and then write this story backwards... so I could put the pictures in .. you can teach me when you are home for Christmas... oh Brother!)