Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Year Anniversary

As I previously posted, Francois and I left Tarboro and went back to our life in Charleston where we worked our little bottoms off non-stop. However, we did hit the brakes for a gentle pause on our 1st celebrated wedding anniversary. Dec 28th 2006, Francois and my family were celebrating Christmas and a marriage in Asheville, NC. We spent that day, 2 years ago, looking for flowers, clothes and making reservations for the ceremony. Just the way I like it, last minute, perfect and shared with the closest people I love.

(Here we are picking up our marriage certificate minutes after our marriage upstairs. What is also interesting about the court house marriage system, if you cannot make it by 5:00pm for a marriage service, you can always go to the jail and get married there... we were ON TIME... no jail service here!)

My mom often asks me during certain situations, " Would you change anything about that day, do anything different...?" I would only want to have my closest friends and Francois' family. Thinking back on both of our ceremonies... Dec 28th and May 27th.. both days were absolutely breathtaking. On both days the sunrise and sunset were amazing, a painter could not even capture the moment...

So, 2 years!!! We made it .

This is our true wedding anniversary , Asheville sunset on the night of our wedding in Asheville.  

The sunrise of the morning of our wedding in Wilmington, the start of a perfect day!

Here is the sunset the night of our wedding in Wilmington, NC -    PERFECT

We have always enjoyed a sunset !! We plan on enjoying many more!

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heart freddy said...

Those are so beautiful pictures! I'm so happy for you and your hubby!