Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years

Goodbye 2008!

I cannot say that I will be sad to see this year behind me. Francois and I went through a lot this year.. We worked through living 3 hours apart, I graduated nursing school, sold my first house, moved to Charleston, started a new job, etc. Life is challenging and sometimes you win and sometimes you learn... but with each hard time you learn and build.

I like to think in metaphors and so i like to think of building a house and you have to have a solid foundation first and build from there. In life you have a blue print and a vision.. i think as each year passes we build a little more.

This year I would like to make the resolutions

1. Say "I love you" more: ( maybe i will practice with unkind lady in the parking garage at work :)
2. Let the little stuff go
3. Say YES more.. it opens doors
4. Find events in Charleston and experience it while I am here!
5. For every negative I must follow with 2 positive statements

The upcoming events that Francois and I are planning this Year

January-- training for my race , Francois is traveling a lot this month
February --Virginia for my Ultramarathon Feb 14th.... 34ish miles!! Francois' 31st Birthday !

March --Honeymoon ? Maybe to Tarboro for Jr Miss :) Francois' parents here for a couple of months

April -- Maybe work to pay for trips? hmm

May ---Jon and Stasa's wedding!!! Asheville, NC May 16th / Our 2nd 2 year Anniversary( haha) May 27th!!

June --France for a Marathon on Mont Blanc and possible backpacking around Switzerland and Italy!!

July -- 4th of July annual beach house hot dog roast and firework exstravaganza!

August --Maybe a 100mile run with my Cousin in Colorado, Leadville 100?

October To be organized ...

SO.... Bring it on 2009... We are going to make it a Fantastic year!!

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