Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas at Home part 2

So in the previous post you were able to see many gifts received, but what we really enjoy is the time we are able to spend with each other.. Ian and Lori were able to fly in from San Francisco and that made Christmas very special! We have an unusual family.. we all GET ALONG, and we LIKE all of our the times that we are able to get together are very special...

After we opened presents, Ian and I were able to drive around Tarboro and take some photos... we found this old barn downtown... ( and a Drunk guy hanging around.. but Ian Kicked his butt... not really he stumbled away as we were arriving... haha) So i am trying to learn all about my camera and maybe get some Super Sweet Camera Skills through osmosis from my brother... he is the creative one.. I am the OCD, analytical he is the ADD, innovative... JUST KIDDING ( no seriously... hhaha)
While we were home we shared some yummy food. Ian made French Toast one morning, I brought cupcakes from my favorite cupcake bakery in Charleston, Francois made some yummy steaks, Dad cooked the beast, mom had lots of food stocked and prepared like haystacks and monkey bread, and Lori made an amazing Cheesecake that i think is possibly the best cheese cake ever!!
Francois and I always enjoy going to Tarboro, because we really get to relax and just do nothing.. we rarely get to do this in Charleston. Mom and Dad are super excited about having Christmas at their house this year because since last year.. they have a brand new remodeled kitchen and ... house.... I think everyone enjoyed the nice new kitchen... since eating is our FAVORITE THING TO DO!!

So... in all we had a fabulous time in Tarboro and on Dec 26th Francois and I headed back to Charleston because I had to work.. and have been working almost since. Our census usually goes down for the holidays.. not this year... we got all the crazies... Next Post : 2nd Year Anniversary.. DEC 28th WHEWWW HOOOO