Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Training Runs

I am in the " meat" of my training for this race. As most of you know i am doing Holiday Lake 50K in Lynchburg, VA. There is a series of these crazy long ass races and this is the only one  I have NOT done, believe it or not.

Anyway, I have been training and recently I stumbled on this trail system in Charleston SC! The trail system is part of the Francis Marion National Park and it is very well maintained and is about 46 miles long.... one way! Crazy! I know! ( most of you are like what in the hell is she talking about... ) Well, this allows me to get different runs in and more true to what my actual race will be like in February, minus the hills.. which i will just have to suck it up, literally.

On this particular training run, I had my iPhone in my pack on my back, playing music from Pandora out loud.. which make the run way more enjoyable.. and this way I don't have to wear headphones... also.. the pack on my back has a water bag in it.... called a Camelback and it holds about 70 oz of water... also has pockets on the side for my food and a place to hold my map in the back , (sigh) I love technology and gear!

( This is the 6 mile water source, you got to PUMP it !!.. FUN stuff!)

So here are some pics of my runs out there. .. Francois Followed me on his bike for my 23 mile run this Saturday, Jan 10th... it wasn't pretty!