Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend in Asheville

Wow, Work has been BUSY, for the last two weeks i have worked 4-5 , 12 hour shifts a week! Sorry for the neglect in Posting!!

This past weekend i traveled to Asheville to see my friend Ehrin. Francois has been traveling a lot this month, he currently is in Orange County, CA and the week before he was San Diego, needless to say we both have been B-U-S-Y!  

Here are some pics from the weekend in Asheville. Ehrin and I went Climbing  with some other folks and then we went for a 3 hour run around the Arboretum, NC..  and i was able to see my 1st snow of the season. Not much snow falls in Charleston SC, however... I did see flurries a couple of days ago!!! CRAZY

Ehrin's dog "Zona" went along for the run...  i miss the mountains!!
Here I am after my 3 1/2 hour run through the woods.. The hills kicked my butt... All i have is  a bridge to train on!! WHEW
Here is a picture of Ehrin climbing.. She has been climbing a lot lately and is amazingly strong!! 

Here is a picture of another climber named Howie. He is one of Ehrin's friends... very strong climber.. 
Here I am climbing... it was a little cold.. so we had to wear long pants. we were Bouldering, which is where you climb smaller rocks, following a certain path or route.. and the climbers like to call these " problems" ... so you try to work on a certain route until you get it.. I have not climbed since i left Appalchain State University.. so my hands where not tough enough, nor was my upper body strength up to par. I mostly played with my new camera. 

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