Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 15th, Sunday

After SNL was over, we were on a celebrity contact high!  Francois and I went back to the hotel, with Magnolia cupcakes in hand, to tell Jon and Stassa all about it. We were all so excited and we were going to watch the entire show again... Well. As it turned out.. the excitement drained my energy and all of us were asleep before weekend update.... OH well...

Well, next day. Jon and Stassa and I went for a run in the park again. Francois lifted weights in the gym. This time we were a little lost running .. but we still managed to see new things and take paths i had not been on from my previous run. Jon took lots of photos.. 

Francois and I had to get ready for our Will Ferrell Play, SO EXCITING! we Left Jon and Stassa to shopping and away we went. When we arrived at the Cort theater, there was a line.. and i had visions of being herded from one place to another again, but to our surprise as they opened the doors we went straight to out box seats, which again... are the same seats Seth Myers had during the same play we went to.  Check out pictures above of the play . 

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