Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friday, February 13th, Day 1, arrival

Francois and I are taking off for our honeymoon. As most of you know, Francois and I recently received tickets to the Saturday Night Live Show!! Apparently , they are hard to get. The only month that you can request them is in August. So you can imagine our excitement

However, there was a minor problem. The race that I had been training for was the same day as the tickets to SNL. I quickly decided that SNL was a much more exciting and worthwhile event than my stupid long race. So we set up plans, booked a hotel, flight, and prepared for our stay.

As time was nearing this spectacular weekend, we also decided to book our Will Ferrell tickets on Broadway. Will Ferrell is performing in a Broadway show for only 8 weeks entitled " You're Welcome America, A Final Night with George W Bush". 

Friday morning, we  left around 8:00am and arrived at our hotel around 11:00 am in NYC. We stayed at the Hilton New York on 6th ave and 53rd street. We were an avenue over from 5th ave, the shopping district, and an avenue over from Broadway, and about 3 blocks down from Central Park. The location was 4 blocks away from Will Ferrell's play and 3 blocks away from SNL. Not to mention, we were only 2 blocks away from the famous Magnolia bakery!! 

Here are some views of our hotel. 

Oh, and as we learned on our TV / Movie tour, our hotel was featured in the movie Spider man and Enchanted. 
Here is a view from our window... awesome, I know!! We had about 5 of these windows in our room... Super sweet view. 

So, Francois and I walked around for a little  to get acclimated to the surroundings. we had lunch, shopped a little, and decided to go back to the hotel to make more of a game plan. Well, little did I know, Francois had planned a couples massage at the Hilton Health club and Spa. It was amazing and Deep Tissue, just what I needed!!

After this relaxing treat, we hit the town and grabbed some food and back to the hotel we went for a movie. We had to make a point to relax a little.  What a fantastic first day 


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