Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday, Feb 16th... Last Day.. Tourist 100%..well maybe

So today, we decided to play full blown Tourist!! We got up early and went to NBC studios for the Today show. I guess we weren't 100% tourist because a better tourist would have been there at 6:30am... we got there at 7:15am.. pushed our way through the crowd only to look at the back of the heads of Al Roker and Meredith Viera.  ( 90% tourist)

We could have jumped in front of others to get our one wave to " Mom" but, we opted out and took pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Potato head. ( 85% tourist)

Next we waited outside NBC studio to get some info on a NBC tour possibly later that day ( 89% tourist)

We didn't realize the line was forming to be the 1 of the first 50 people in line to see Patricia Arquette and receive a copy of her TV series Medium... we opted out, not interested, grabbed our mini info packets and left ( 70% tourist)

We then went back to the hotel to workout... in the hotel gym ( 80% tourist) then booked our tickets for a "On Location TV & Movie Tour" ( 100% tourist)

I think Francois slept a little during the ride ( 70% tourist) , however he managed to be awarded a lollipop after answering a trivia question on " I am Legend".. 

Question: " What  is the largest loop hole of the entire movie...." Francois states, " They blow the bridge up.. therefore no one can get on the island and it is near impossible for the other people to save Will Smith and make it on the island without a way to get there" 

As a matter of fact, Francois was the first tourist to guess this answer out of 200 some odd tours that our tour guide had given.. Hearing that, Francois finessed another lollipop . 

We also stopped at the sites of "Friends apartment", Cosby show, Spiderman's apartment, countless Enchanted scenes.. managed to see flyers out for shootings of upcoming 30 rock episodes.. If you see a sheet of paper on a pole or anything... it usually tells you what is being shot and at what time.. for example.. 

Anyway, every time, we would stop.. Francois and I would listen  and then quickly make our way back to the bus... I think the SNL and Will Ferrell shows spoiled us ( 50% tourist) we left the other 50% to the German, Swiss, English, Greek, and French tourist. Here are some tourist shots we took .. ( 100% tourist) 

( I am Legend House of Will Smith)

Peter Parker's Apartment in Spiderman II

Grace Adler's Design business in TV show Will and Grace

Cosby's house... however, as you  know in the show.. the stair case to go upstairs is on the right hand side ... so.. if this outside shot is correct.. they would be going up in the neighbors house. This is  what they call an "establishing shot".  They use this shot to have you think this is where they lived. The owner of the house actually got 1,000 dollars, every time it was shown. And did you know, that the original Heathcliff and Clair Huxtable were written to be a Limo driver and plumber ... since it would be impossible to believe they could afford a home in that area... they had to be Doctor and Lawyer  

Friends apartment on the corner of Bedford and Grove Street 

As we made our way off the bus, we headed to FAO Schwartz and managed to check out a new Whatnot shop of Muppet Making. It was really neat, creepy .. and neat. 

AFTER ALL THIS... we took our 35 dollar cab back to the airport and hurried home to our little Boy BABBERS!! ...... our dog Cooper :) What a Fantastic trip!!!

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