Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pictures From New York on Feb 14th

Here are our seats... 2nd row. The 1st and 2nd seat from the inside, I was pretty much breathing the same air as Alec Baldwin.
Our SNL tickets!! Since you could not take pictures in the studio.. this is as good as i could get!! I recommend everyone try to get tickets at some time in their life!!

Here is a picture of Francois in the elevator. Every time we walked into the elevator, Francois would walk straight and do this... It really looks like a copy of himself is staring back him.. kinda strange looking..  funny nonetheless.. 

Here I am drinking a cup of coffee at the French Resturant in SoHo.  yummy ! It was anywhere from 28-40 degrees the entire time we were in NYC, and that was without the wind chill factor!!

At the Ice skating rink at Rockefeller Plaza!! Jon and Stassa got the chance to ice skate and said they had a blast.. Maybe next time we will go.. looks like fun!

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