Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saturday, Feb 14th Valentines Day

We started the day with a run in Central Park. I loved it! As Francois and I were exploring the park and taking in all the sites, I had a moment.. in my mind I thought " I should be running a 36 mile race right now".. then the moment passed... I am soo glad to be running next to my husband and not 100s of smelly, exhausted, high strung runners. Nonetheless, we had an amazing run. We saw Wollman's rink where ice skaters were practicing their skills, deserted tennis courts ( which broke Francois' heart), Central Park Zoo, The Conservatory, The reservoir, and we were able to see beautiful homes all the way from 59th street to 110th street on two different avenues! 

After our morning run, we took a cab to SoHo area, most of you may know that SoHo stands for "South Of Houston street" and you pronounce Houston like " How-stan", the New Yorkers know you are from out of town if you say Houston like " Houston we have a problem" .. ANYWAY...  Francois and I went shopping a little, we did not buy much, but we did find an amazing French Restaurant to go to called Balthazar. The food was amazing and very authentic. 

Around this time, Stassa and Jon were making their way into the city from NJ. The plan was to meet up with us and spend some time together. Jon and Stassa are planning their wedding for May 16th, and it is going to be awesome. Well, Jon and Stassa were able to meet Francois and I before we went to SNL. Stas and I managed to squeeze in a little more shopping.. :) 

Off we went to SNL dress rehearsal!! IT WAS AMAZING. So for all those that do know not know how to get SNL tickets, you have to enter your name in a lottery only in the month of August. Last August, Francois put our names in and BAMM... we got tickets for the Feb 14th show, which we did not know until 3 weeks ahead of time. SO, we get there, and stand in line for our real tickets, then shuffle us to another line, where they take us to the set, where we stand in line again. What i should have done was had a giant glass of water and not the street vender pretzel... i was SOO thirsty!! Anyway. 

We are waiting in the hall way, you know where they do their scenes sometimes. and we see Bill Hader walking around and talking to some of us in the line.  ( you know one of the cops from Superbad)
Darrell Hammond ( who is actually pretty creepy looking in person.. he looks like that weird cousin at a family reuinon that just stands in the corner and you wonder if he works here or is he related and if so.. who produced this weird kid anyway) 
Seth Meyers, mostly known for his Weekend update. We actually saw him at the Will Ferrell play as well. He had the same tickets we did but on the other side of the theater!

Jason Sudeikis, who ,that night was impersonating Joaquin Phoenix . Hilarious..... you have to watch the actual interview with David Letterman if you haven't seen it.. UNCOMFORTABLE! 

And then we saw Cameron Diaz and Dan Akroyd!!! Awesome special guest !!

SOOOOOOOO, we are standing in the hall waiting to get herded in and... as we start moving.. we are walking toward the SNL band.. There we are in the second row of the SNL show. I am talking FRONT AND CENTER. Actually, when the show started one of the directors asked me to use my seat for an opening number, because another special guest was going to sit in it. Francois gets to sit next to 30 Rock's  Jack McBrayer "Kenneth" , and had we been on the actual show, Francois would have had like 2 minutes of air time!! Crazy ( check out the clip in the post above this one.  to see where we were sitting)

So our host was Alec Baldwin and musical Guest the Jonas Brothers ( which i could have cared less about the them... but some girls would have given their first born to see them play... ) 

The experience was amazing and I would love to go again. It really makes you appreciate the cast and their hard work.  They really are gracious to their fans. As i was walking out, I said great job to some of the actors.. and they said " oh, thanks so much for coming.. we really appreciate it... "