Thursday, March 12, 2009

Real Quick

Just to catch you up to now,  Francois and I have been, of course, working hard. I think i worked 7 days in a row with one day off in between... I did not plan that! I know that I was not the woman Francois married after all that !! Whew! 

Let's see. Cooper also had an exciting week after we returned from New York. He was SUPER sick.  I took him to the vet when there was no more to left in coop, if you know what I mean. He was given a 500 ml fluid bolus, antibacterial meds, and anti-nausea meds. Poor Coop!! He is all better now!!

The next weekend I went to judge an America's Jr. Miss program, Edgecombe County.  I was judging interview, presence and poise, talent and fitness. What an experience Here is a pic of the past winners. It was also great to be back home where i could relax, FINALLY!  

After this excitement, Francois' parent flew in from France and stayed for two weeks. They spent their time reading, going to the gym, dining out, and just relaxing. Meanwhile, they were planing a big  trip cross country on route 66. They will be gone approx 1 month and then return to Charleston for another 2 weeks. 

I just returned from Asheville and Tarboro in one weekend, where i threw my friend Stassa a bridal shower one day and drove to Tarboro to surprise my dad for his birthday the next!! Needless to say.... We have been busy!!!!!!! 

Pictures to follow... just wanted to get this out

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