Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8 weeks to go!!

( cooper at his sanctuary Sullivan's Island... It's a hard life!)

Today marks the official 8 weeks until..... 40 weeks, expected day of delivery, D-Day, The Big Bang, The " Ggggrrrrreat Bambino" will arrive. 

1st pic: 30 weeks
2nd pic: 20 weeks

( amazing what 10 weeks can do.. now if you only had video footage of me getting of the sofa...that's a real winner :)

I had a doctor visit today, met with the last doctor in my group of doctors that i am seeing, all very nice and knowledgeable! Everything seems to be progressing as planned. I have gained 20lbs, The only time in your life that gaining weight is fun!! ( well in moderation) 

One thing about this 3rd trimester is you are not so much pregnant as you are a walking FREAK SHOW for people to look at, talk to, point, and strike up obscure conversation with... just because .... such as, "is the baby is kicking, have you picked out a name, is it a boy or girl... is he moving, are you excited, first one huh?, you don't look that bad, at least your face isn't fat yet, let me see your legs are they swollen yet, you just wait.., you can't pick that up.. your pregnant, sit down your pregnant, stand up your pregnant, .... 

For the most part, everyone has been pretty nice, i am just not happy when someone satellites around me trying to guess the gender... " Let's see.... it's a ...."  ( really they are waiting for me to chime in and say the gender so they can finish with ,. " ... boy, yep... that's what i thought.. you look like you are carrying a boy.... ( if you say so... crazy witch lady)     Sometimes when people ask what I am having, i say " a baby" or "scotch on the rocks, you buying" ... It's fun to change it up every now and then. 

Anyway,  So today i picked up the baby bed from the post office, and the clerk man says " How can i help Y'all.. being that i was the only one in line.. I thought , clever pregnant joke.. 8 weeks  more of this and i can put together a real bathroom pleaser book for women titled " Stupid Pregnancy Jokes You May Encounter , and How to be Prepared" equipped with chapter one and two, exercises on how to make pleasant facial gestures that cover the  "Eat Poo" facial expression you want to elicit... It could be a helpful tool... when that pregnancy glow isn't doing the trick  :) 

Next, off to gym for torture  and then my favorite , yoga.. twice i almost fell off my mat  and the yoga teacher must have felt sorry for me, because he was trying to take me out of the prehistoric animal birthing pose i was in and into a more calming relaxing.. "normal" pose.  I have  participated in yoga at least once a week since the beginning of the pregnancy and ... today... was ... A CHALLENGE. not to mention i was flooded with Preg ( pregnancy) talk after. I have to say, i am not entirely comfortable talking about my pregnancy with strangers... I don't have any interesting stories and i actually don't mind being pregnant. I sleep better now than i ever have, and i swell only when exercise walking and at the airport ( but who doesn't). I think people really want to tell me their stories... and boy have i heard some good ones!! 

8 weeks to go.. you never know.... the honeymoon stage could be coming to an end... but for now i am enjoying it.. I think i will miss the wave of activity in my belly at night. I like trying to balance a book on my belly while reading and see how much it bounces off my stomach. Entertaining for hours.. I will also miss the belly , preg dance.. which involves pelvic trust.. which look ridiculous with a big belly ( the point...) guaranteed to break the ice at parties!! 

In closing, this week, Francois and I will finish it up with house hunting in Charleston.. SO exciting.. we will keep you updated! .. the countdown continues :) 

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