Monday, August 17, 2009

Back again!!

Hello all, allow me to update you on the past..... hmm few months.. 

We have had many guests and traveled many places and I have gotten more and more pregnant since the last post. As of today, Francois and I have 9 weeks until the birth of our little baby boy!!
( This was taken at 30 weeks, we now know our baby is a little more than 3lbs, and doing just fine, he is actually in the 75% for weight, so he might be a big baby. Francois was 9lbs... if that happens to me... we will have PROBLEMS! Wake me up when it's over!)

I guess the biggest thing that Francois and I have done is visit his family in France, where
 Francois and ran I Mont Blanc. Francois ran the half marathon ( 13.1) miles and I ran the 10K ( 6.2) miles ( 6 months preggers) ... Francois did amazing, the terrain was very difficult. 
( Finishing the 10K with Victoire and Gregoire!!! What a great experience!! Baby's first race in the Alps!!)
( Francois finishing his 13.1 miles, it took him 3:49 to finish, Francois usually finishes a 26  mile race in 3:20... that lets you know how hard this race actually was, and he really did not train!! Such an Athlete!) 

( Francou and me at the top!! ) 

( having a crepe after the run, the BEST energy replacement!) 
( the entire Family at the top)

We also traveled to Switzerland, stayed in a chalet in Morzine,France,  and hiked for many miles in the Alps. I always enjoy spending time with Francois' family, they are so lively and  loving. I think the funniest part of the trip is that Francois and I had to travel back to the states with a stroller, and no baby.  As we landed back home on the 4th of July, Francois and I watched fireworks from the sky, it was beautiful!! 

( Francois training to be a dad with his book) 

After settling back home for a couple of weeks, we had visitors. Victoire, our niece from France stayed with us for 2 weeks. She traveled all by her self , at the age of 11! Her first week she went to a tennis camp at the family circle cup on Daniel Island. 

( We were so proud that Victoire traveled all the way from Paris by herself!!) 

( Victoire with her favorite uncle!!)

( Victoire, playing with Cooper at Sullivan's Island, Cooper's favorite place )

( Victoire toured around Charleston, and she couldn't miss the Citadel , where Francois spent his college years)

The second week our friend Tracy and her son Aiden came to visit. Victoire was missing her two little brothers and i think Aiden helped to fill that void. 

                  ( Francois and Victoire PLaying at the Waterfront Park, I am sure that Francois felt very sick after this!!) 

Sorry for the quick update, right now we are planing on counting the weeks down until the birth, meanwhile visiting some family and friends. One of my best friends, Lane Blackwelder, just had her first baby boy Jacob, and i may visit her to get a couple of pointers. 

We expect Caroline, Francois' sister and his mother to arrive October 14th.. in hope to be here for the arrival of the baby. If the baby has not come, Caroline will put some of her midwifery skills to use and convince the baby it is time!! The due date is October 22nd!! I hope to have another post until then, and i may even find another website to use, this one is hard to upload pics and use with a mac. 

I know that i will have lots to share when the baby boy arrives!!! We cannot wait for you all to meet him. As you may also know my brother and his wife are expecting twins, and NO they do not run in our family... it is not a genetic thing... because they are identical... it is more of a cell splitting miracle thing...  My parents will be grandparents 3 times this year!!! crazy 2009!!! 

We are all very excited and cannot wait!!! Talk to you soon!