Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4 weeks to go

Ok, so I have had the WORST dreams ever and a few hormonal breakdowns... Mostly nervous about this little French Fry not being in my belly and having to take care of him. He is moving a lot in the lower part of my abdomen and sometimes it stops me in mid... whatever I am doing... like someone just poked me in gut...

I think I have a slight waddling gate and I am pretty sure that I might have 2 shirts that fit, appropriately. I have not had a bad pregnancy AT ALL, I have been comfortable, no nausea, plenty of energy... but the DREAMS are RIDICULOUS!!! Francois' sister says that I am dreaming a lot because I am getting ready to understand every aspect of my baby and I have no more barriers to protect myself from feelings. I can imagine that I suppress plenty ... and my dreams are working overtime to deal with all my fears, worries, and excitement. She also says the more I dream the easier it will be when the baby is born. And this is the reason why mothers are the best people to understand the non spoken characteristics of their baby. I LOVE FRENCH HEALTH EXPLANATIONS....

So, this week. My parents came into town on their 32 year anniversary... to spend a little time with their Fat daughter and eager son-n-law before they are officially "Gamie and Gampe" ( by the way.... they hate those names!!!) During this time we went shopping for my brother's twin girls on the way and a little shopping for baby French Fry.

On Friday, Francois and I headed to Kendra's house in Greenville for our second shower. We were able to see some old friends... Molly and Stacey from nursing school ( my two adopted moms that helped me through pediatrics and labor and delivery in school)

Tracy, Peyton, and stinky pants baby Aiden; Kendra, Beth, and Kim from work at the life center; Ehrin- my best friend from college; and The Hostesses .... Moe and his man Greg. I loved having all my friends together to celebrate the soon to be birth of baby French Fry...

We played some fun games, ate some FABULOUS food, and opened some fantastic gifts!! And I even had a diaper cake...

The infamous Diaper cake, made by Stacey and Molly.... great job LADIES!

Playing baby shower games... Tracy is reading the Birth Store of Baby French Fry... it was a Mad Libs version where people randomly pick nouns, verbs, etc to fit into a story... it was funny!

( opening presents and enjoying every moment)

Ehrin, me, Stacey, and Molly.... All the Nurses together!!

Cassie and Champagne with a floating raspberry... so classy MOE!!

Moe had a great menu planed for the shower! He picked special cheeses and prepared French styled food for Francois. He even ordered Blue Hydrangeas to decorate!

Everyone that came to Baby Shower!!