Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 weeks to go!!

As I am writing this blog entry, currently my stomach is sitting on the keyboard... needless to say... we are getting close.

A lot has happened since last we spoke. Two weekends ago, my work had a lunch at Vickery's where they presented me with all sorts of fun baby items. I received some fun patterned wash clothes, hooded towels for bath time, a rubber ducky that tells me if the temp is too hot, a couple of fun toys to entertain with, DIAPERS, baby wipe warmer, baby wipes, bottle warmer, some bottles, fun bath products, and MUCH MORE!!
My nursing buddies at Roper Hospital... so nice of them to take off on a Sunday to celebrate the Belly Queen!
Gifts gifts gifts...

( I was a little nervous with all the attention on me... quickly I was informed that I should enjoy it... because once the baby arrives.. this will all change)

( Fun bath time clothes for baby)

( Here is the cake before it did not live to see the next day... poor cake!! But it was soo good when it hit your lips.... SOOO GOOD!)
( mmm white Chocolate cake!!)

I have to stop for a second, in France there are no baby showers and Francois' family is very curious about the tradition. From what i can research, baby showers for mothers have been around for centuries and taken place in many regions. Special and handmade presents were offered after a little one was born, typically during the baby's dedication or christening. It was grandmothers that normally gave silver items to the infants.

Victorian woman in in the late 18th century started to organize tea parties, but not until after she gave birth, because pregnant ladies used to HIDE from public in those day. ... ( OHHH, how things have changed... I am trying to leave work 7 days before i am due... do you think there is a clause for hiding in the new health care policies ?? hmmm)

In the 19th century, the afternoon teas were altered into showers... mostly because during the teas.. it was known to rain and umbrellas became an emblem of such events.

Today, baby showers are customary, mostly for first time moms. For second and third time moms they are called " baby sprinkles"

SOOO, there is the history of baby showers. :)

I have to also add that during the same weekend I had this baby shower with work... Francois and I went to a pregnancy celebration for pregnant ladies at a local hospital. There were vendors with different information about breast feeding, Costco applications, child care options, etc. Along with the educational booths, there were door prizes.

WELL... for those that do not know me... I NEVER win prizes. But that day, i walked around to every booth and said in my head " I will win something today... I was determined!!

Francois and I came to the end of the Pregnancy celebration, we reached a radio station table 102.5. I signed my name and address for one of the door prizes.... A lady had asked when i was due.. I said 5 weeks, she asked about our nursery... I informed her we don't have one yet.... we are waiting until we move to get it set up.... and then she had asked if we had a crib... I said no and just kept making small talk. One of the other ladies I was talking to disappeared .... only to reappear and tell me that we needed to not go anywhere.... So we stayed ...... then she informed us that we needed to go inside the celebration where the booths were... so we did... and behold a drawing for the grand prize was " drawn" it was Hilliary Rizzetto... called to win the crib, mattress , and a 5 drawer dresser!!! An almost 700$ value for US..... and it's FREE!!
( here is the crib and dresser that we won, we have a different changing table... and of we would be decorating for a boy... but still.... it is nice and I like it even more because I WON IT!)

What a great weekend :)

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