Friday, October 16, 2009

5 days left until D DAy.. or any day now

WE ARE HERE.... waiting for baby french fry to make his debut!!!

Caroline, Francois' sister, has arrived and she is working her midwifery French magic!! I have had acupuncture to help relax my pelvic bones, and tonight i will have acupuncture to excite the baby ... and tell him it is OK to go out the door, towards the light... and ARRIVE!!

I have had such an amazing pregnancy... gained 26 lbs total, no swelling, no pain, I was able to do regular yoga the entire time, walk 5 miles on my day off from work, work up until the end, and as for the baby... he has given us just pure entertainment with his evening dancing.

Francois, at this moment, is getting many tips from his big sister about babies and taking care of his son. It is so hard to believe that we will be parents. We are so excited and we cannot wait to share all the stories with all of you!!

Next time you hear from us... it will be from the 3 of us..
Wish us LUCK!!

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