Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life as a MOM

For 5 weeks I have been a MOM!!! I cannot believe it!

5 weeks of loving this perfect little creature , and no matter how tired I am in the middle of the night.. or during the day.. he is still perfect and beautiful.

What have I learned as mother?
  1. Be quick with changing a diaper! I have been shot countless times and if you cannot be quick with the diaper change, at least have something you can cover that area with .. QUICK
  2. Don't change diapers on your bed!!! refer to #1 for reasoning :)
  3. Make sure to check your outfit before meeting new people, new mom's at this point do not have full rights to their body yet.. for example, I had a shirt issue after hearing a crying baby ....
  4. Don't feel guilty for the choices you make with your child! Francois and I made the choice to buy an emergency pacifier .. it is like an amazing drug for babies and makes life so much easier in the bewitching hours of 5-9pm!! Lucky for us, he only likes the pacifier at bedtime... and won't take it all the time. I am sure we will learn more about this as time goes on!
  5. Have plenty of diapers and WIPES!!! It takes a little time to get the hang of changing diapers!!
  6. Take a shower when you can!! You don't know when you will have another chance to take one!
  7. Embrace HELP! When you are offered the chance to go do something that allows your body to feel normal ( for me that is working out) TAKE IT!!
  8. DON'T STAY IN THE HOUSE !!!!! GET OUT!! There is a world that exist outside, and the baby will sleep better!!
  9. It's OK to get frustrated and cry! Hormones are spilling out of your ears and doing something for the first time every 5 minutes can be challenging ... but it gets easier every time
  10. Enjoy every minute of it! I have this vision one day I will wake up and this tiny person will be 18 and moving far away ... so i hold him and love him every second, because one day no matter how much I try .. this little boy will not let me kiss him, hug him, and hold him like I can today. Every time I hold Lucas, I say to myself, " I enjoy this moment and wish it would last forever" That way I live in that moment a little longer and take it with me!
For 5 weeks, this little, perfect man has been loved, fed ( he is now 12 lbs WOW), and entertained ( I never knew i had so many different character voices .. and that the only song i can think to sing on the spot is the Little Mermaid song " I want to be where the people are... I want to see... want to see them dancing ... flipping your fins you don't get to far.... " )
Lucas has been such a great baby, Francois and I have seen , what we think is his first smile!! It simply melts your heart!!

A quick summary of the last 5 weeks

We have been visited by lots of great people!!
  • My parents came for the birth and brought lots of love and SOUP! Later that week they visited again with Ian and it was Great to have the entire family together during this amazing time in our life. That is one thing I know I can count on... my family!!
  • My brother came all the way from Seattle, truly a fantastic gift that i will never forget. With twins on the way in the next week or so... Ian and I have been talking lots about parent stuff... our lives have truly changed and will continue to do so... and I am so glad to go through this together!!
  • Francois sister stayed until a couple of days after the baby arrived, however she stayed in touch through SKYPE and remained a big help even 3000+ miles away! She is the best!!!!
  • Francois MOM and DAD : Arrived the same day Ian left ( about 2 weeks after the birth) and they just left this past Tuesday.. I think they were here 2 weeks. They HELPED BIG TIME. I was able to sleep more, exercise and get out of the house. Francois' mom was a school teacher for many years and is AMAZING with children. they both sang lots of cute French songs and spoiled Lucas with lots of kisses and cuddle time.
  • Kendra: helped with food and cleaning the weekend home from the hospital !! It was also great to have our old roommate back!!
  • People from work have checked on me and made sure that I was doing well, and a couple of them have gone on walks with Lucas and me!! Got me out of the house!!
  • Stacy and Molly: helped teach me the breast feeding ways. They were my Mom's on call when i had questions.. and they came all the way to Charleston to help feed me and teach me how to feed Lucas.. ( I had lots of Breast feeding questions.. it's not easy!)
  • Tracy: continues to help with advice and calming techniques when i think maybe something isn't right, or i am not confident in what i am doing. She helps me feel normal.
  • Francois!!! He reestablishes my sanity. He is always willing and ready to help and take charge with Lucas in the middle of the night. It's hard because with breast feeding... I am really the only one that can feed him... He changes his diapers and watches over him so i can get rest. It really takes teamwork ... and it takes a little time trying to figure a schedule out for you and the baby.

IN ALL, life has been great. I love being a mom and i would not trade it for anything in the world. I can't wait to do it again!!! ( but we will wait a little until Lucas is settled. :)