Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Training Runs

I am in the " meat" of my training for this race. As most of you know i am doing Holiday Lake 50K in Lynchburg, VA. There is a series of these crazy long ass races and this is the only one  I have NOT done, believe it or not.

Anyway, I have been training and recently I stumbled on this trail system in Charleston SC! The trail system is part of the Francis Marion National Park and it is very well maintained and is about 46 miles long.... one way! Crazy! I know! ( most of you are like what in the hell is she talking about... ) Well, this allows me to get different runs in and more true to what my actual race will be like in February, minus the hills.. which i will just have to suck it up, literally.

On this particular training run, I had my iPhone in my pack on my back, playing music from Pandora out loud.. which make the run way more enjoyable.. and this way I don't have to wear headphones... also.. the pack on my back has a water bag in it.... called a Camelback and it holds about 70 oz of water... also has pockets on the side for my food and a place to hold my map in the back , (sigh) I love technology and gear!

( This is the 6 mile water source, you got to PUMP it !!.. FUN stuff!)

So here are some pics of my runs out there. .. Francois Followed me on his bike for my 23 mile run this Saturday, Jan 10th... it wasn't pretty! 

New Years

Goodbye 2008!

I cannot say that I will be sad to see this year behind me. Francois and I went through a lot this year.. We worked through living 3 hours apart, I graduated nursing school, sold my first house, moved to Charleston, started a new job, etc. Life is challenging and sometimes you win and sometimes you learn... but with each hard time you learn and build.

I like to think in metaphors and so i like to think of building a house and you have to have a solid foundation first and build from there. In life you have a blue print and a vision.. i think as each year passes we build a little more.

This year I would like to make the resolutions

1. Say "I love you" more: ( maybe i will practice with unkind lady in the parking garage at work :)
2. Let the little stuff go
3. Say YES more.. it opens doors
4. Find events in Charleston and experience it while I am here!
5. For every negative I must follow with 2 positive statements

The upcoming events that Francois and I are planning this Year

January-- training for my race , Francois is traveling a lot this month
February --Virginia for my Ultramarathon Feb 14th.... 34ish miles!! Francois' 31st Birthday !

March --Honeymoon ? Maybe to Tarboro for Jr Miss :) Francois' parents here for a couple of months

April -- Maybe work to pay for trips? hmm

May ---Jon and Stasa's wedding!!! Asheville, NC May 16th / Our 2nd 2 year Anniversary( haha) May 27th!!

June --France for a Marathon on Mont Blanc and possible backpacking around Switzerland and Italy!!

July -- 4th of July annual beach house hot dog roast and firework exstravaganza!

August --Maybe a 100mile run with my Cousin in Colorado, Leadville 100?

October To be organized ...

SO.... Bring it on 2009... We are going to make it a Fantastic year!!

2 Year Anniversary

As I previously posted, Francois and I left Tarboro and went back to our life in Charleston where we worked our little bottoms off non-stop. However, we did hit the brakes for a gentle pause on our 1st celebrated wedding anniversary. Dec 28th 2006, Francois and my family were celebrating Christmas and a marriage in Asheville, NC. We spent that day, 2 years ago, looking for flowers, clothes and making reservations for the ceremony. Just the way I like it, last minute, perfect and shared with the closest people I love.

(Here we are picking up our marriage certificate minutes after our marriage upstairs. What is also interesting about the court house marriage system, if you cannot make it by 5:00pm for a marriage service, you can always go to the jail and get married there... we were ON TIME... no jail service here!)

My mom often asks me during certain situations, " Would you change anything about that day, do anything different...?" I would only want to have my closest friends and Francois' family. Thinking back on both of our ceremonies... Dec 28th and May 27th.. both days were absolutely breathtaking. On both days the sunrise and sunset were amazing, a painter could not even capture the moment...

So, 2 years!!! We made it .

This is our true wedding anniversary , Asheville sunset on the night of our wedding in Asheville.  

The sunrise of the morning of our wedding in Wilmington, the start of a perfect day!

Here is the sunset the night of our wedding in Wilmington, NC -    PERFECT

We have always enjoyed a sunset !! We plan on enjoying many more!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas at Home part 2

So in the previous post you were able to see many gifts received, but what we really enjoy is the time we are able to spend with each other.. Ian and Lori were able to fly in from San Francisco and that made Christmas very special! We have an unusual family.. we all GET ALONG, and we LIKE all of our the times that we are able to get together are very special...

After we opened presents, Ian and I were able to drive around Tarboro and take some photos... we found this old barn downtown... ( and a Drunk guy hanging around.. but Ian Kicked his butt... not really he stumbled away as we were arriving... haha) So i am trying to learn all about my camera and maybe get some Super Sweet Camera Skills through osmosis from my brother... he is the creative one.. I am the OCD, analytical he is the ADD, innovative... JUST KIDDING ( no seriously... hhaha)
While we were home we shared some yummy food. Ian made French Toast one morning, I brought cupcakes from my favorite cupcake bakery in Charleston, Francois made some yummy steaks, Dad cooked the beast, mom had lots of food stocked and prepared like haystacks and monkey bread, and Lori made an amazing Cheesecake that i think is possibly the best cheese cake ever!!
Francois and I always enjoy going to Tarboro, because we really get to relax and just do nothing.. we rarely get to do this in Charleston. Mom and Dad are super excited about having Christmas at their house this year because since last year.. they have a brand new remodeled kitchen and ... house.... I think everyone enjoyed the nice new kitchen... since eating is our FAVORITE THING TO DO!!

So... in all we had a fabulous time in Tarboro and on Dec 26th Francois and I headed back to Charleston because I had to work.. and have been working almost since. Our census usually goes down for the holidays.. not this year... we got all the crazies... Next Post : 2nd Year Anniversary.. DEC 28th WHEWWW HOOOO

Christmas at Home part 1: The gifts

Hello All! 

Now that the holidays are over and we are all back to our normal routine, It is now time to start posting on the blog again. 

Well let me see, what has happened since we last spoke. I know that the previous post was a tribute to Lori since we seem to think that this SNL skit is hilarious NO MATTER how many times you watch it!!....  

Oh, yes... Christmas. Ok, so Francois and I went to Tarboro, NC to see my parents for Christmas, my brother and Lori had arrived the previous day and was able to meet up with some old friends from their life in Raleigh before they moved to San Fran. 

The holiday week consisted of lots of food, R&R, Movies, X BOX, food, pajama time, food, and PRESENTS, and food.  We actually decided that Christmas was really on Sunday, this year and by doing so, we were able to play with our gifts together longer than if we opened gifts the night before Ian and Lori left, which was Tuesday.. day before Christmas Eve... WHEW.. lots of confusing dates.... in a nut shell we had Christmas early, got lots of really nice gifts and i would have to say my favorite moment was being able to share a 10 mile run with my brother.

 As a runner, it is not often that you are able to share a fist time distance with someone, which can be very special. Ian is now starting to run, which makes me happy because it is something that i can share with him!!... We played the longest name game ever ( that is the game.. possibly a drinking game.. ANYWAY.. where you say a name like Brad Pitt and then the next name has to start with the first letter of the last name. For example after Brad Pitt the next name could be ...  Pamela Anderson.. etc. Well it takes time up and allows you to not think about the run so thats the game) ... but we made it.. and around Tarboro too! 10 miles!! Double digits!

Here are some photos from the Christmas:

Here is the Amazing painting my brother did for my mom, the two paintings have important dates in my mom's life. The painting to the left is geared toward Dad and Me and the one to the left is for Mom and Ian.. Mom actually cried... might have been the only time I have seen that!!  This also made Lori and I tear up, but we pretended that the Mad Libs calendar I gave Lori for her desk was JUST that special!! 
Francois showing us his new bag and new suit !!! looking sharp!
Checking out the new tent Ian and Lori got from my parents.. pretty SWEET!

Here is my brand new Camera!! YEah... trying to dig deep in my genes for some creativity ... Super excited to get started !!

We got Ian and Lori sleepingbags... and I was determined to get them in there... so here they are.. 
Ian and Lori being silly in the sleeping bags!! 
Ian and Lori received backpacks from Francois and me as well ... they look great... !! Now there is NO excuse .. they must plan a backpacking trip!
Opening some gifts!I have my new favorite pair of jeans in my hand and I have on my super special Diamond earrings from my sweet husband, Francois with his much awaited Briefcase, and I think Ian is looking at some book Mom and Dad gave him about guitars.. not sure... But I like this picture because.... It's like a Where's Waldo... instead I would like to call this "Where's Howard?" can you find him ..... hmmmmmmm? Where is he???

The day after gifts we had our 2nd annual BEAST dinner... mmm mmm mmm.. 
(Yep I loaded this backwards, the pre beast is after this picture... but thats ok... you get the idea... it was a masterpiece !!)
And here we have my dad about to crack open the "Beast"... there was probably some grunting of some sort before this photo.. like a Tim Allen  "Tool Time"!
And ... to finish the blog post with a Goode ol' Family Picture... My dad likes to get us all together and test out his remote on his camera... I say this year we made it work pretty well. In all We had a VERY Merry Christmas!!! and i will post more on the next blog post... this one was getting a little long!! 

                                                    Christmas 2008 in Tarboro, NC