Saturday, January 24, 2009

Predicament !!

Predicament: a difficult, perplexing, or trying situation

As of this Wednesday, Francois and have to make a choice. On Wednesday we received notice that we have tickets for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!! on February 14th ( where Jonas Brothers are rumored to be the musical guest)..

So you may be saying.. what is the problem... well this is the same day as my race that i have been training for since October!!  

I think we have decided .. SNL!!! New York City ... on Valentine's day!! 


Anyone have thoughts on the choice??? Open to advice??

Weekend in Asheville

Wow, Work has been BUSY, for the last two weeks i have worked 4-5 , 12 hour shifts a week! Sorry for the neglect in Posting!!

This past weekend i traveled to Asheville to see my friend Ehrin. Francois has been traveling a lot this month, he currently is in Orange County, CA and the week before he was San Diego, needless to say we both have been B-U-S-Y!  

Here are some pics from the weekend in Asheville. Ehrin and I went Climbing  with some other folks and then we went for a 3 hour run around the Arboretum, NC..  and i was able to see my 1st snow of the season. Not much snow falls in Charleston SC, however... I did see flurries a couple of days ago!!! CRAZY

Ehrin's dog "Zona" went along for the run...  i miss the mountains!!
Here I am after my 3 1/2 hour run through the woods.. The hills kicked my butt... All i have is  a bridge to train on!! WHEW
Here is a picture of Ehrin climbing.. She has been climbing a lot lately and is amazingly strong!! 

Here is a picture of another climber named Howie. He is one of Ehrin's friends... very strong climber.. 
Here I am climbing... it was a little cold.. so we had to wear long pants. we were Bouldering, which is where you climb smaller rocks, following a certain path or route.. and the climbers like to call these " problems" ... so you try to work on a certain route until you get it.. I have not climbed since i left Appalchain State University.. so my hands where not tough enough, nor was my upper body strength up to par. I mostly played with my new camera.