Thursday, September 10, 2009

6 weeks to go!!

Francois and I have 6 weeks left until D Day and the weeks are just flying by!! The past two weeks have been great. I was able to catch up with some friends from Greenville last weekend and this past weekend Francois and hosted our close friends from Montreal Ninon and Titou.

Titou was the best man in our wedding and amazingly enough, we have not seen him since!! Crazy!! We stay in touch with Facebook, emails, and phone calls... yet there is nothing like real quality time spent together that help refill the friendship need.

While Titou and Ninon were here, we visited both Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island, shopped downtown, toured the area, ate some great food and ..... just relaxed!!
As for baby, he will be showered with gifts from people at work this Sunday and next weekend in Greenville. He will also be helping me get off jury duty tomorrow... and we might just practice some labor pains during the selecting process :) Little baby French Fry is moving A TON... which is good... I feeling i will miss my little belly friend... but as i was informed by a COMPLETE STRANGER... i will be too busy to think about it.. ( I wish strangers would tell me places to use for childcare and what pediatrician to use.... you know useful stuff... not weird stuff)

Today, baby French Fry and I are headed to a new Mom shop sale, it's like a sale before a sale... so i am excited.... and I am going with another fellow Preggo.. we travel in packs... a bunch of overweight hormonal women ... scary.

My new favorite pregnancy quote to scare people away is " Watch out.. I am pregnant and right now i have a penis and a vagina so don't mess with me".. followed with a crazy eye smile... enough said... they run fast!!
We will catch up soon