Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Holy update!!

Well it has been awhile since our last visit. Lucas has kept us pretty busy. He is crawling now, wants to stand up, and next walking. He is absolutely adorable we do not remember life without him. We recently took a trip to France to have him baptized and visit family. Lucas was all smiles the entire trip and never fussed one time. A complete dream baby.

so much of a dream we are EXPECTING OUR SECOND BABY IN FEBRUARY !!!! Can you believe it? 12 weeks along already!!

Here is a look at lucas the past couple of months

Lucas when he just started sitting up, he is still folded a little! --- 5 months old
Papa BG helping Lucas with his sweet tooth !! It's ok... it's Nutella

first day of school ( Roper Learning Center)... 5 months old

Measuring Lucas at 6 months!! what a big boy!!

In France, during the baptism , giving the thumbs up!! ( 8 months)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lucas Rolling over the first time.. at 2 months old!

Most of you have seen this, but for documenting purposes!! Here is Lucas Rolling over the first time from Belly to Back

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MONSTER baby!!

It has been 4 months since we last spoke, and lots has happened since. I still Love, Love, LOVE being a mother.. everyday is different and amazing. Life has more meaning everyday!

I will give a little run down on the past 4 months

Lucas at Week 6: We traveled to Tarboro as our 1st trip together away from home. I want you to picture a Prius with a 100lb golden retriever, baby, Francois, me, 2 large strollers, and lots of Clothes!! A 5 hour trip was a success ! And Lucas had his first Photo Shoot !! Super Model!!

Week 7: we moved into our new home

Week 8: we traveled to Asheville

Week 9: we hosted Moe

Week 10: Christmas

Week 11: New Years

Week 12: trip to Tarboro with Tracy

Week 13: Francois' parents back for almost 2months

At this point we will go by month, because i actually drafted this post 3 months ago...

Francois' parents were here and It was AMAZING... the helped scrap popcorn off the ceiling and painted the entire HOUSE!!! Crazy.. We love our house and find new things that make us fall in love with it every day.

Mamisa ( Francois' Mom) watched Lucas and dressed him in many outfits.. she also taught him to sit-up and SPOILED our little man with songs, games, and lots of kisses!!

After Francois' parents left we had to kind of find our rhythm again.. I was back to work and now we had to find our very first babysitter!! Lucky for us... we only need a babysitter for 4 hours a WEEK!! I now work Saturday and Sunday and 1 day during the week i work from 3pm-11pm.. so it's PERFECT because Lucas has one of us ALL THE TIME!!

Our babysitter is AMAZING, she is a College of Charleston Graduate in Studio Art that wants to be a Yoga instructor ... and she LOOOVES LUCAS!!

Lucas has also met his new cousins Jane and Sylvie and they are SOO tiny compared to Lucas... and they are only a month apart ! but they were a month early, so we will give them that. :) They are so very precious and i love everything about them... except that they are SOO far away!

Fast forward to NOW, and Lucas is 5 months and some change. He is healthy, smiling, laughing, sweet, found his toes, cries very little, and is eating solid foods now.. He has discovered his hands and he moves them very slow and purposefully. I love to watch him move and discover. I love spending everyday with him and just watching him. His personality shines through more and more and I love him more and more.

Francois has the joy of having boy time on the weekends. They go for runs and play games around the house. Francois prefers to strap Lucas in the Baby Bjorn and walk him around. He sings French songs and speaks French to him the entire day. The two boys look so cute together!!

AND NOW, Lucas can put all that French to use, because we three are going to the French Rivera in July!!! Lucas has his Passport and everything!!! Very exciting!!

Enough for now, I will post pictures Next