Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Holy update!!

Well it has been awhile since our last visit. Lucas has kept us pretty busy. He is crawling now, wants to stand up, and next walking. He is absolutely adorable we do not remember life without him. We recently took a trip to France to have him baptized and visit family. Lucas was all smiles the entire trip and never fussed one time. A complete dream baby.

so much of a dream we are EXPECTING OUR SECOND BABY IN FEBRUARY !!!! Can you believe it? 12 weeks along already!!

Here is a look at lucas the past couple of months

Lucas when he just started sitting up, he is still folded a little! --- 5 months old
Papa BG helping Lucas with his sweet tooth !! It's ok... it's Nutella

first day of school ( Roper Learning Center)... 5 months old

Measuring Lucas at 6 months!! what a big boy!!

In France, during the baptism , giving the thumbs up!! ( 8 months)